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Celui-ci me fait penser plutôt à un calibre de diamètre pour réduire uniformément des tiges :


Et là je pense au livre de Jim Hamm( Bows and arrows of the native americans) qui en effet dit page 98 :

“Many of these sizing original sizing tools are labeled as “arrow straighteners” and “arrow wrenches” in museums and archery books. Some of them have been used to pry the crooks out of shafts, but in my opinion, any shaft that is so crooked or has such angular bends as to require an arrow wrench is worthless as an arrowshaft anyway. The only time i ‘ve ever had need of an arrow wrench was to take out a bend right on the end of a shaft.. I ve had to use it rarely..
In any case i believe most of the so called arrow wrenches are mislabeled and were instead used to size the shafts and make them uniform.”