How to throw the atlatl

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    A propos de l’étude de Anan Raymond, John Wittaker dit ceci dans les annotations de sa bibliographie :

    Raymond, Anan
    1986 Experiments in the Function and Performance of the Weighted Atlatl. World Archaeology 18(2): 153 177.

    « Atlatl makes arc, but not with the diameter = arm + atlatl, i.e. nock and spear follow straight line, with handle going down. [Not correct throw, lacks power – he misunderstands normal atlatl mechanics, although he is right about diameter (apparently responding to Butler). His drawing of the throw shows that he does in fact flip the atlatl, but to keep to his model, bends his body forward at the waist, bringing the arm down – very poor form.] »

    Alors je ne sais plus quoi en penser…