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« Ritual depictions include not only the Sacrifice Ceremony, but also what the authors mislabel “Ceremonial Badminton.” Badminton is a poor analogy to describe pictures that show some kind of ritualized competition or game using atlatls. In the several versions shown, the participants usually have animal or bird heads, and there are usually racks of darts and round jars of drink or food.The participants are shown with darts ready to throw, and selecting darts from the rack, and the darts themselves have bars or crosses not far from both ends, unlike those used in hunting or war scenes. Loose darts and some of those in use also have what appear to be flowers attached, perhaps a target successfully struck. The repeated supernatural elements show that this event has more significance than the average ISAC. »
Merci d’avoir repris la chronologie et l’historique de la découverte de ce jeu.
Christopher B.Donnan découvre des poteries avec des dessins interprétés comme symboliques et cérémoniels.
John Wittaker voit dans ces dessins la représentation d’un jeu : The Atlatl 19/3 en 2006
Chris Henry met en place ce jeu en 2013.
C’est pas OK ce que j’ai dit ?
Par contre pour moi toss signifiait lancer un peu au hasard.