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    Pocket Guide to Irish Tokens
    Barry Woodside
    [lists nearly all published 19/20th Century Irish tokens]
    From page 203:
    THE NORTON MEDAL.- The medal represents Captain Norton standing in a country scene, with trees, &c., throwing a spear in Australian fashion from a rest; in exergue, PRIDE IN HIS PORT | DEFIANCE IN HIS EYE. Reverse.- Oak and olive wreaths, outside which is, PRESENTED TO THE BEST SPEAR THROWER AT THE SANTRY SCHOOL, and in centre, THE NORTON MEDAL | AIEN API EYEIN. Size, 1·6.
    This is a medal of exceptional rarity. About twenty impressions were struck in silver, of which nineteen were remelted, and one issued as some accident occurred from the spear throwing, which led to its being abandoned, and further competition stopped. There were, I believe, two bronze proofs made, and the copy in white metal which was specially struck for my cabinet.
    The motto AIEN API EYEIN means “Ever to be the best”
    “in exergue” means in a space usually on the reverse of a coin or medal, usually below the central design and often giving an inscription such as the date and place of engraving. In this case the engraving on two lines reads:
    Pride in his port
    Defiance in his eye