Video about the contest at Zonhoven/ Belgium

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    Thank you Uwe, beautiful story on our discipline.
    I just watched the ISAC quickly.
    I saw at least two offenses of blue shooter.
    He walks on the firing line with his foot.
    It remains in front of the line while another person trows a spear.

    [i]3.2a If a contestant steps on or over the line while throwing, any score from that throw will not count towards the total.

    10. After giving a contestant permission to throw, the Score Keeper should watch the contestant, not the dart, to ensure that the contestant does not step on or over the throwing line (Rule 3.2a). If this rule is violated it is to be immediately announced and the throw scored as a “zero”.

    4. The duties of the Score Keeper with respect to safety include, but are not limited to: Observing the target area to ensure that it is safe to throw a dart. Giving each contestant permission to throw when it is safe. Announcing when it is safe to collect thrown darts. Ensuring that everyone is not only behind the throwing line, but well away from the current thrower, before starting the next round of throws.[/i]

    Who was this scorekeeper that do not know the rules?