How to throw the atlatl

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    Voici les explications de Justin Garnett :
    « The second pic shows a couple of things, like the fact that as the dart moves around on the nock it breaks electrical contact 3 times prior to release, so even though the atlatl is accelerating forward, there’s still some play in the system-the dart nock is NOT solidly against the spur-it’s got play in it and it’s already rotating, as soon as the fingers are off. If the dart were pressed solidly against the spur until release, the contact wouldn’t periodically break as the dart moved around.

    The lower light is at the finger loop, the blue is on the spur, and the red on the dart nock. Draw a line between the blue and white lights at their starting position and then slide that line down their length, and you’ll see the light goes out the last time right before 90 degrees. (In reality there may be contact for a fraction of a second longer, after all the light went out 3 times on the way to this point-but in none of my long exposures is the light ON beyond 90 degrees)  »