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Voici la suite
Hey Ismael

Following the discussion we had in facebook about the possible « Prehistotir » Tournament in Greece for 2016 i would like to add some more information that could help you better on your Association’s internal discussions.

The place:
We have a prime cooperation with a really beautifull hotel/camp which is placed in the area of Euboia / Greece, named « Venus Beach Hotel » in the small coastal town of « Nea Styra ». The hotel is about 1 hour from the Athens International Airport. It is a really beautifull & quite place by the Aegean sea and actually not so touristically errosed. The Hotel also provides a beautifull camp in it’s the back side with natural enviroment in which the Tournament could take place.

What we offer:
Free Camping accomodation for every participant. Free access to the benefits of the Hotel. Free bus transportation from and to the Athens International Airport. Free tourist transportation and guidance to the local famous sights such as the prehistoric/mysterious structures called « Drakospita » ,or the local Medieval castle. We also have the support of the local Municipal authorities in any of our needs.

The Dates:
The best for us would be whithin the first 15 days of July. But please let us know what would be your preferences.

I am also attaching you some our portals through which you can find valuable information about our work